Cheese I ate today: Appalachian

March 11, 2011

I am quite lucky in that I have a good friend who lives in New York, and I get to visit this friend & go off on cheese adventures when they are at work.  Lucy’s Whey in Chelsea Market is one of my absolute favourite spots to visit, it’s a cozy little cheese shop in the market that sells American artisanal cheeses. The staff are knowledgeable and helpful, and go out of their way (whey!) to make sure you have an awesome experience in their shop worth repeating several times over. Recently I was in New York, and on my stop to Lucy’s Whey I was able to meet a cheesemaker from Virginia who makes cheese for Meadow Creek Dairy.

As you can guess, one of her cheeses came home with me that day, and out of the three she was sampling, Appalachian was my favourite.  This is a raw farmstead cheese made in the mountains (2800 ft) from the milk of a grass-fed Jersey herd of cows.

Immediately, the first tastes are buttery, the rind smells earthy, and as it is a natural rind, it is meant to be eaten.  As you savour the paste (interior) of the cheese, a lactic brightness, creaminess is what I taste next.  It’s an extremely eat-able cheese, I could easily eat the entire wedge. Alas, I savour it.  When I eat a bite, I’m transported back to the lovely memory that was the experience of discovering this handmade cheese in Chelsea Market.